Monday, June 21, 2004

guess the fotographer 

A very busy market in Barcelona city...yumie yumie fruits

no words to mention about this man. tough job for this fellow.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Meeeeeeeee back !! 

Back again to Germany...!!!

Monday, May 03, 2004

India welcoming me _/|\_ :-) 

Huh! now i feel like flying. My seminar was over and it was ok. nobody slept when i was talking about the chemistry in the so called language German !! I think they might have suffered a lot than they have during the Hitler period :))) !!

hereafter they wont ask me to give a talk in german !! i guess so .. !! after a long time i had a gud sleep y'day and i didnt have mood to get into the lab. But wat to do. there are some other things to do here (surfing and chit chatting - blogging etc).

Just 5 more days left for my India trip and stil i am struck up here in the lab. yet to start my shopping :-( . on friday, i got the flight tkt and the worst part is that i am allowed to take just 23+6 kgs :-( !! this isnt painful. dono wat i am going to carry with !

This time i am not going to miss to have parota on the road side shops .. . They are really tasty than wat we have in some restaurent. Kuruma oopsieeeeee .... i started drolling now itself even while thinking of it . yum yum yummmmmm.. mmmm.... junta suggest me some gud road side shops in chennai ofcourse. I know the one nearer to pothys in t.nagar.

actually i have completely forgotton abt the spain trip. i have mentioned that i wil post abt my trip. so far i cudnt make out .. but anyways, i wil post abt the trip with some of the fotos which we have taken in spain.we have taken plenty of fotos :P. damn!!! u ppl wont beleive that. we have taken more than 1300 fotos as each person got a digi camera .. started taking snaps all through the way and it was fun to look those stuffs. had fun in the mediterranean sea beach (no bird watching) !! :)) But the water was too chill that we cudnt chill out :-((

Barcelona didnt impressed me like Rome or Paris.. !! But its the one of the biggesst tourist spot of spain. u get all sorts of sea food there. thats the interesting part abt barcelona wen compared to germany :))

ok.. let me not bore u without fotos. i will load some of the fotos soon !

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

HNY - Am back again - Alive :-) 

Hi all
Before the day ends, lemme me wish u all a very happy and prosperous Tamil/Mallooo new years(vishu) day.

" Enathu ulam kanintha iniya tamizh puthandu nalvazhthukkal "

Happy Vishu to all the malloos over here !!

Finally my trip ends and i am safe :-) !! No bomb blasts in Madrid after i reached there. I think those ppl were afraid of me !! Now am back to my place. wat a releif u know!!! Am too much tired after this trip :-( ....... Cant even relax tonight as i have an appointment with my boss by tommorow morning. So i need to make my documents ready before meeting him.

I just turned to my lab to show my face. But i was caught by my profi. He asked me to meet him tommorow at his cabin. Its going to be an encounter day !! who knows wat will happen. I need to pick up all my stuffs and put together. Its going to take all the hrs tonite. So another night out !! :-((

No time to look at other bloggy dudies :-(( Am cho chorryyyyyyyyyy. Will have a look at ur blogs in another couple of days. *wink* ........ *wink*

PS : Thanks for all the bloggers who wished me on my trip. Join u all after 2 days !!! Will post something abt my trip in my next post.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Its sunny day again. Probably i may play some cricket 2day eve'g here in my institute ground. Need to ask other fellow indians !! i am just listening to the live audio commentary bet Ind and Pak. (61/3) !!!! India shud win this match .... A must win i need it despo' !!

For the past 2 days i am busy ih measuring my single crystals. u ddont beleive it.. it is not a single crystal.. it is a twinned crystal. Lots of work has to be done for to solve the structure.. ! Now its going to be another big headache :-( Few other germans are also working in my area and they are really pushing hard to publish .. Now only i realize i am in this competitive world.! :P

now 4th wkt gone........ haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .. coooooooooooool. lemme post after sometime. the match is going to be interesting !! Also my crystals are waiting for me in the precision camera. !! :)) !

have fun time guys.. !

Sunday, March 14, 2004

India won - Kavithai/poem 

Indo-pak war oops criki match was really a thriller. started biting my nerves. Even for my results, i was not this much tensed. Cant believe dat we took the match frm them.. ! It was a great over of Nehra. We all watched together in the internet. It was worth paying for this match..gud start by thee indians after loosing to pak-XI team :)) ! Funny part after the match was the interview of manj'kar with siddhu and imran. To be more specific, watching siddhu's combination :-))
Always he wears tie and turbon of same colour. I dono how many turbans he is having. Blue tie with blue turban, red with red, org with org, yellow with yellow .. and so on!

After the match, went for shopping. Came back at ard 4.30pm. Then i rem'r that one of my bengali frd invited me for dinner. (no cooking buddys) he he he !!! I joined the party along with the other indian guys and most important part is all of them are frm my institute :-))! we had a big gaala time .... commenting Pj's ..... bengali daada prepared many thing all alone. E prepared mutter panner, chicken kadi, fish kadi, channa, pulav, chutni, kheer and some subji! I think e might have spent all his day for cooking ....!! Thanks to him for hosting the party !!

Today, i was invited for lunch party by an indian couple living near by. They are doing their post-doc in my institute .. Both are really studd in the field of solid state physics!

breakfast, lunch, dinner .... so many invitations.. .. am very lucky to have so many frds... ! I felt very bad that I went empty handed to join them today afternoon. Cant even locate a flower shop...grrrrrrrrrrr with these germans.. The reason is here we dont have shops during the weekends (sunday) .. sat'day these ppl work till 4.00pm .......... and i dont rem'r things on time..... shucks man !! need to maintain some pocket diary :-(

2 days no cooking :P .... on friday i called few of my frds and i prepared veg briyani, fruit salad, chawal and spinach...its not a kindof party. but we all want to chit chat together as it was the start of the weekend.......I havent watched a single movie this weekend.. i dont want to upset myself. wil watch some movie tonit :P he he he !!

For a long time, i was telling that i wil post my kavithaigal (poems) .. Today found some time for to post few of them..


Iravil mugham kaatiya nee
Vidiyalai kandadhum olinthuk kondayae
vennilavae !!


Puthaga puzhuvai iruntha naan
indru enathu puthagham muzhuthum
pulu vara kaaranam thaedinaen
soladi vanjhagha/kaathal pennae!!! :-((

These days i lost my enthu in writting some kavitha's ... ! Luv - dat makes me to rite such things.. Its a sort of energy drink for me. But now, a new episode of devdas :-(( !! will be posting some more kavithais in future :) !!

PS - donot cry after reading this poems :)

ok buddys.. me gtg now.. ! hope u all enjoyed ur weekend.. ! Have a gr8 weekahead !!
tschussssssssssss !! !

Monday, March 08, 2004

Baby shalini serial 

baby Shalini serial - Amloo (aint it) .. bonjhuvaaa enna ????

title song
chutti ponnu yaaru solu - amlooo
kutti ponnu yaaru sollu - amlooo


hai dont think dat i am going to get tied... ! this WIFE describes abt my weekend :-) wondering ?? here it goes

W = Washing
I = Iron (pressing of clothes)
F = Food
E = Entertainment

By now, u all got a small hint abt my weekend and how it passed by!! Friday, i went for shopping (ofcourse indian shops) and bought some frozen parotas along with some other indian stuffs !! So, this week no cooking. only eating parotas :P !! dat night we had a movie show ( Dhadkan and Dushman ) and i was invited by a family to join the holi festival (for sat'day nite) .. Something went in my mind and i told myself dat i am not goin to cook on sat'day too!! But i was caught in between. They asked me to prepare Veg. briyani. :-(( fuzzgaya thaa !

saturday, i washed my clothes and pressed few clothes for this week!! my frds called me for morning tea ( 11.15am approx .. isnt early morning on weekends).. then we had chai together and started watching "Angoor". After dat movie, i remember that i need to goto lab for to start a reaction ... gawddddd... ! sat'day was really a busy day and i wasted my time by watching angoor movie.. but dat was a time pass (TP) movie... ! 2 double actions .. i njoyed a lot !!
lab work, house cleaning, washing, pressing, movie time and also preparing veg.briyani .. ohhhhhhhhh

in the afti, i cleaned my appartment completely including the hot plates.. ! i felt tired by that time as i didnt have anything other than a glass of tea early in the mornin:P ! tot of having some breads but i ditched 'cos if i eat something at ard 3.00pm, i cant eat much during the party. so i make myself hungry so that i can have much .. much and much more food in the evening.. ! It was 3.00pm and then i went to lab and completed the work which i had in my mind .. ! it was 3.45 and i surfed few blogs and went back to my appt by 4.15 pm.. !

then i started making veg.briyani which really turned out tasty. i was bit happy ... my frds who are staying above my appt prepared some kheer and rasam .. ! After taking a quick bath we all went together to join the holi fest!! ard 12 ppl were there and we had fun along with tasty food like kheer, rasam, chaval, briyani, poori, aalu subji, rajma, some sweets and so on.. !! They aall appreciated me for the briyani..! applause frm gals too :P... mmm.. i started feeling hungry now .... mmm .. lemme quit this food part now.. y am always talking abt food.. am i a saapatu raaman .... am not fat .. but am wiling to become bit fatter than i am ..... mm.. wat to do.. watever food i grab na, it doesnt stick with my skin.. mayb 'cos of gene probs!!

after dat party, we watched saatya together... I didnt like the hindi version of this movie.. it was well picturized in tamizh and i have watched the tamizh versionAlaypayuthae more than 100 times.. am a fan of manirathnam ! poor show in hindi !!

sunday... mmm... kya hua thaa.. lemme rem'r .. u know i got a very poor memory .... mmm.... yo got it .. sunday i watched a tam movie Autograph.. ! wow . dat was a fantastic movie .. if u guys can rent tam DVDs better rent it and chk out .. those who cant follow tamizh, have a translator r read the subtitles.. !! very decent movie and well directed !! After that show, i came back to my lab.. thodaa kaam ... phone ... sub karkae nikalgaya !!

dat was the end of my WIFE !!! :)) :-))

in another couple of days, i wil try to post something abt the sunday DD prog'ms .. ! catch u soon buddies!

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